LOOK X-Track en RAGE PLUS enduro pedals View full size
LOOK X-Track en RAGE PLUS enduro pedals LOOK X-Track en RAGE PLUS enduro pedals LOOK X-Track en RAGE PLUS enduro pedals

LOOK X-Track en RAGE PLUS enduro pedals

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The X-TRACK EN-RAGE PLUS pedal with its forged aluminum body makes its robustness one of its many qualities.

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Enduro riding puts a strain on every part of a bike and the pedals are often the front line. SPD compatible, they will help you cross the most demanding courses in safety with a 13 ° release angle.


  • Be guided by the position of the side support surface to find your pedal
  • Choose from a forged aluminum body available in black or bronze color
  • Trust the SPD standard

Features of the LOOK X-Track en RAGE PLUS pedals :

  • Axle material: Chromoly +

  • Technology: X-TRACK
  • Body material: Forged aluminum
  • Support surface: 664 mm²
  • Support width: 67 mm
  • Total support height (pedal + cleat): 16.8 mm (10.7 + 6.1 mm)
  • Q Factor: 55 mm
  • Voltage: 6 to 14
  • Cleats: Standard cleat included (easy cleat available separately)
  • Cleat standard: SPD compatible
  • Angular freedom: 6 °
  • Release angle: 13 °
  • Pedal weight: 225 g
  • Pair weight + cleats: 500 g
  • Wedges weight: 50 g

Two types of micro cleats with 2 screws come to make our X-TRACK pedals even more adapted to your practice. Choose classic cleats / unidirectional cleats if you are comfortable with clipless pedals and are looking for performance. Beginner or looking for more comfort? Instead, lean on our X-TRACK EASY cleats offering multidirectional release.


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